11.04.1917: Bernard Takes Aim | Bernard a un but | Bernard nimmt den Feind ins Visier


Quirk cottage


Dear old Dad.

Still smiling and well. Have you been getting
any P.Cs.? Am writing to tell you the latest yarn to
be passed round in your mess. It is quite a nice one.
“ ‘Phone message to brigade. Lorry blocked by a tank
on Cambrai road. Result satisfactory, a Ford.”
How’s that? G.O.C Flying Corps landed here a few
days ago, and congratulated us on our excellent work.
And expressed a wish that we would let you at home
know what we are doing. (By the way this mustn’t
be published now, because it would mean a count
martial for me!) So I am going to let you into
some of the work we do. You can tell people about it
as much as you like. In the first place there is no
reason to be alarmed at our casualties we are not …

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