27.12.1915: Bernard Goes to the Theatre | Bernard geht ins Theater | Bernard va au théâtre


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Had very nice letter from Felicity today.


Dear Father,

Very many thanks for your ‘Xmas
letter. It is quite funny our two complaints
crossing each other is it not? Ofcourse {sic} I
know how jolly busy you are only I want
to hear from you just the same old lad!
Do you get me? I will tell you what it
is I was some bored at not getting home
for ‘Xmas, however inspite {sic} of that didn’t
really have such a bad time. We started
the day by going over the lines to see if
the Huns were going to play the dirty, ornot {sic},

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25.12.1915: Peters zweites Weihnachten im Schützengraben | Peter‘s Second Christmas in the Trenches | Peter passe son deuxième Noël dans la tranchée



Liebe Eltern, Geschw. und Oheim!

Mit großer Freude erhielt ich heute von
Euch ein Paketchen Butter, Speck und das
andere war sicher vom Christkind. Sage Euch
nun hiermit meinen herzlichsten Dank
für all die Sachen. Von Kathr. kam auch
gleichzeitig ein Paketchen an.

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10.12.1915: Jean – Qui va à la chasse perd sa place | Jean – Step Out of Line and You’ll Lose Your Plane | Jean – Wer ein Jagdflugzeug will, verliert seinen Platz


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10 Décembre

Mon cher Papa

J’ai fait un bon voyage
avec ce bon Jacques. Je suis
arrivé le lendemain à l’escadrille,
j’ai le jour même fait
ma demande au G.Q.G.
pour avoir un appareil Ponnier.

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08.12.1915: Bernard Off Target | Bernard verfehlt ein Ziel | Bernard manque sa cible


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Dear Father.

This is too bad nearly ten
days since my last letter. I am so
sorry. What do you think of our
second raid? Like the last is was undertaken
by this squadron, and was eminently
successful. Johnny has had a couple
of scraps in the air. He is keen as nuts
on the business. Two evenings ago I
went over to dinner at No. 10. with
Sison. We had a most festive evening

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