27.09.1914: Bernard On Armies | Bernard beschreibt die Armeen | Bernard décrit les armées


Sunday 27th Sept.

Dear Father,

Very many thanks for the books which arrived safely today,
and for your letters, the last of which bore the date of 13th Sept.
We are most frightfully upset at the news of Lil Goodson’s death it
really was too sudden and tragic for anything. Do let me know what
the family are doing with the Grange, & also any other Sutton Courtenay
news that may be going. Did you read of Capt Grenfell’s splendid
action? I wonder where Billy Grenfell is have you heard? We have met
several friends here already, amongst them being Major Short of 68th
Battery. He is in splendid health, & spirits, & his men tell me he is
a surety for a D.S.O. for saving his guns at Le Cateau. We are
supplying him with ammunition, so hope to see him again. I wonder if
you understand how the armies are arranged? In case you do not I will
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10.09.1914: Bernard Needs Chocolate | Bernard bittet um Schokolade | Bernard a besoin de chocolat


We are still getting on alright. Things are
altering a good deal. The country we are entering
now has been devastated so we do not get so
many “little” gifts from the people as hitherto with
the result that we shall soon be down on the plain
rations. Please send some more chocolate out. We
may get it though at present we haven’t had any post
since we left the ship.


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02.09.1914: Jean Chaput tire sur un Aérostat | Jean Chaput Shoots at a Rigid | Jean Chaput beschießt ein Luftschiff


2 septembre Terriblement travaillé
aujourd’hui. j’ai decide N.
à me conduire à Paris. je n’ai
pu ramener ma moto qu’un
me … [mots illisibles] mais
j’ai rapporté du linge de
l’argent et une boite de Nancy … [mot illisible]
je suis prêt maintenant à partir
en guerre. j’ai touché egalemnt
un veston de cuir, casque lunettes,
gants. J’ai été a la chasse au
Zeppelin hier avec 4 cartouches
mais il faisait nuit et ns
sommes revenus bredouille.
atterrissage ds la nuit [mots soulignés]. Pour
finir consigne du Caudron aux
hangars en prévision d’une alerte
dormi assez mal sur la paille
mais pas courbature du tout-
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